29, Single, and Broke

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29, single and broke

29, single and broke

I was 29, single, and broke when I took those pictures. However, I wasn't desperate or ungrateful. I had my whole life ahead of me and couldn't allow anything to weigh me down. I was excited about entering another phase of my life.

I had been thinking of having a photo shoot for my 30th birthday before that moment. I shared the idea with a friend who is a photographer, and he responded "let's do this!"

Unfortunately, I lost some money around that period and became broke. I informed him that I'll be canceling the shoot because I couldn't afford it. He told me he wasn't planning to charge me in the first place and encouraged me to go ahead with the plans.

I felt a bit relieved and started looking for how to get some outfits and a make-up artist. A week before the photo shoot, my sister gifted me a new dress out of the blue. I was so overjoyed. This was someone I didn't tell that I was planning anything.

After the session, he jokingly told me to engage him during my wedding as we were about to leave. I just smiled and replied, "sure." However, in my mind, I was like, "let the husband come first," not knowing that we'll get married eight months later.

It's common to see people ending up with those they shouldn't have any business with because they feel like time isn't on their side. 

Getting married isn't about who gets the ring first. There's no need to feel like damaged goods because you didn't get married at a particular age. You can even make the season the best one of your life so far.

If you're expectant about anything, chillax and remind yourself that you're not asking for too much. You deserve it. Endeavor to do your part too.

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