Embracing a Life of Constant Gratitude

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Different people have said a lot about gratitude over the years. Expressing it comes with many benefits and you can never be too grateful. Gratitude is the key to unlock and multiply your blessings. It’s the perfect answer to a stress-free life.

No wonder the Psalmist says,

“I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”


embrace gratitude

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Grateful people are healthy and happy. Their lives are always overflowing with an abundance that transcends money or owning stuff.

If our lives are free from clutter, we can’t just leave the space empty. Gratitude should serve as the foundation before bringing anything in because it’s not dead weight. It’s so fluffy.

Gratitude is the wings that will give you speed and make your vision super clear.

It is one of the powerful tools to develop an elevated mindset.

It changes your perspective and helps you believe in limitless possibilities.

I’ll encourage you to kick start your start day and wrap it up with gratitude for the remaining part of the year. Get a journal or use a journaling app and write at least three things you’re grateful for, including the reasons for your gratitude.

It’s best to take this step the moment you wake up and repeat it before your head hits the pillow, Being consistent with this practice will radically transform your life.

constant gratitude

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It’s so easy to be grateful when things are going smoothly, but what about when we face a negative situation?

Instead of focusing on the positive things alone, focus on any negative aspect of your life and express your gratitude.

It sounds silly, right?

How do you express gratitude when a beautiful relationship is on the verge of collapse or you’re facing challenges at your workplace?

How do you express gratitude when it seems like all the forces in heaven and on earth seem to keep working against you? 

It’s important to be grateful in all situations. Showing gratitude shouldn’t be under certain conditions.

I understand we can face certain situations that may even look silly to give thanks. We may not even remember how powerful gratitude is at this point. 

However, there is hardly any negative situation that can surpass the power of genuine gratitude. How much more when you have Jesus.

Paul and Silas ended up in jail. They resorted to worshiping and immediately all the doors were opened and every one’s bands were loosed.

This is the power of gratitude in action!

 It opens doors and breaks yokes.

So, back to the question, 

"How do we express gratitude when we face a negative situation?"

For instance, if you’re having a health issue, you can say,

“I’m grateful for this health issue because I have recovered or because my loved ones prioritize my wellbeing."

Being grateful in such a situation will help you to start feeling better. It will also change your mindset so that you can attract the life you deserve. 

Gratitude works! 

Try it today. 

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