Stop Throwing Your Ideas Away!

Friday, August 23, 2019 , 1 Comments

Learn the number one secret highly successful people apply to preserve their ideas.

Picture this: You have an idea that will wow the world, it's fresh, it's new, it's everything amazing. If you put the idea to work your friends will love it, your parents will be proud of you, the government will immortalize your name.
You think through the idea again, you are blown away, you can't get enough, you fantasize a little more about it. You vow that you'll do it, you convince yourself that you can. Feeling like Obama you scream out "Yes! I Can."
Two days down the line you have not started a thing or moved a pin to achieve this mind-blowing idea. You vow that you'll start the next day, the next day you swear it must be the next day.
1 month, 2 months, 3, now we are in 4 you have started losing touch of what the idea really is, what's the goal or target again? All of a sudden "Yes I can" turns to "Why Should I?" or "When can I?"
You are beginning to lose hope and the confidence you had in yourself. You think about the idea again and how haphazard your idea is now, then you decide it's not worth it anymore, you throw in the towel, you quit!
I know this routine, it plays out every now and then, it can happen to anyone. But it should stop happening to you, you need to stop following that route that leads to you quitting on your goals.
Listen to me; The first thing you do when you get an idea is not to jump everywhere and scream Eureka! The first thing to do is to WRITE DOWN THAT IDEA.
If you are not close to writing material, look for a media to record your idea/plan/goal, this can not be overstressed. If the closest thing to you is your phone do a voice record or a video of you talking about the idea, go ahead and record/video.
Do not just leave the idea in your head and be screaming. Ideas come in like diffusion and escape like osmosis.
Once that idea comes, as fresh and pure as it is, find a way to record your thoughts as soon as possible.
This is how you preserve your ideas, bringing them out of your head into a media.
Hope this was helpful to you?
Thank you for reading.

Written by Richard Okiasi.
Richard is a writer and author. He speaks and writes about the things he's learning and practicing as he grows his mind, finance, business, and investment. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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