10 Inspiring Qualities of People With Less Clutter

Friday, May 13, 2016 , 2 Comments


People living with little or no clutter have decluttered not only their closets, but their lives as well. Having discovered that clutter is a reflection of the state of mind and are bent on making their mind clutter free, they tend to be well rounded individuals with better relationships. Their new found freedom from  negativity and all forms of baggage is a relief that means a lot to them. Living with less clutter doesn't make them perfectionists, in fact, being one is not their goal. Lets take a look at the qualities that sets them apart from the crowd.

•Through constant practice, they have come to realize that letting go is liberating. They have mastered how and when to let go.

•Flexibility is their core value as it makes it easy for them to adapt to different situations easily.

•Throughout their lives, they are life long learners, constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.

•Gratitude is a tonic for their soul, they indulge in it often.

•To them, life has a deeper meaning than acquiring and accumulating stuffs. Producing ceaseless joy naturally is a priority for them.

•Contentment is their watchword, they can survive with little or much.

•They are equipped with the knowledge of managing stress, this in turn makes them to experience less stress and improve their health.

•Armed with the belief that anything is achievable if they could successfully declutter their lives, they set realistic goals and works towards achieving them.

•Adding value and investing in others means a lot to them, being fully aware that they have absolutely nothing to lose.

•Everyday of their lives, they are open to fresh opportunities and connections which are life enriching. 

Living with or without clutter is a personal choice, but its worth giving a try as it has immense benefits.  

Bola Adekile

Craves basking in the present moment, keen fan of nature. Unapologetic learner. Reader.


  1. This is very inspiring! I possess some of these qualities and am still trying to work on some
    how are you doing Bola?

  2. Keep it up! I'm doing well, you?