7 Surefire Tips to Get Over Your Neighbour's Judas Kiss

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It hurts really hard when we are betrayed, especially by those closest to us. You've trusted this person with your whole life, how could they do this? You could never think of hurting them. You are shattered because you didn't see it coming, maybe you could have done something to prevent it from happening. The scenes keeps playing in your head repeatedly like a broken record. It may even look like you'll never recover from it. The mere thought of trusting others becomes terrifying. Life isn't fair, no one promised that it will be anyway.

Don't be surprised. Eliminate the element of surprise in order to get over it in time. People have been betrayed by those they trusted since time immemorial, it's nothing new, you won't be the first person nor the last. You are not alone. 

Express your emotions in moderation. It's perfectly normal to feel angry and sad at the same time. Don't bottle up these emotions, it will help in the healing process. 

Remain loyal to yourself. Loyalty is so rare nowadays, if you are not loyal to yourself, who will? Learn to be your own best friend. Treat yourself with loving-kindness and don't be hard on yourself. 

They are human after all. Being human doesn't give them the license to hurt you in any way, but remember that as humans, we are imperfect. We will be hurt from time to time, but should give room for forgiveness. You will be doing yourself a great favour by forgiving now and in the future.

Don't swear people off completely. After the betrayal, don't lose hope in the human race. It's not everyone you meet that will betray you, there are still trustworthy people out there. You may be chasing away sources of blessings if you decide not to have anything to do with others again. Don't build walls or isolate yourself. 

Ditch the revenge plan.  In case you are already planning on how to take your pound of flesh, bear it in mind that it won't undo anything. Allow karma to do its job, you can't do it better. 

Lastly, give yourself plenty of time. Getting over betrayal completely won't happen overnight, it is a gradual process. Don't rush your healing. Learn from it but don't dwell on it. 

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  1. Like i once said 'instead of spending energy on revenge, invest that energy into something else and assign the case to Karma'