Planning a Pity Party? Consider This

Sunday, November 01, 2015 , , 0 Comments


There are many times when we will feel like throwing our hands up in despair, times that we will feel totally helpless, feeling like we won't survive another day. We will feel pains that no words can describe precisely, barely understanding what is happening.

We'll tell ourselves that we don't deserve it, how could it happen to us? The questions will pile up till it ballon to a mountain. It's okay to be sad and cry our eyes out to feel better in the process, however, wallowing in self pity for too long is a tricky path to depression.

Have you concluded drowning in your sorrow till God knows when, thinking that doing the opposite won't make any difference? Let me ask you, "does this makes any sense?" Are you aware that you are causing pain for yourself and those close to you? Haven't you realized that it's a path to nowhere?

There are two options, either to remain in that state or to aspire for something greater. Look around you, there are some going through worse stuff, yet, their lives remains vibrant. Just tell yourself out loud that you will be fine, right now and right here. Imagine being lifted from the mire of sorrow. Start living it. Keep believing it.

Bola Adekile

Craves basking in the present moment, keen fan of nature. Unapologetic learner. Reader.