5 Lessons I Learnt During My Killer Heels Stint

Thursday, November 05, 2015 0 Comments

Killer heels

Strutting in high heels has never been my forte, it's always comfort over fashion. I had no idea what came over me when I bought those pair of super high heels, what was I even thinking? I smiled all the way home and kept telling myself that an height of 5 inches wasn't a big deal, some ladies are rocking it afterall. I have finally arrived, the Super Woman. I tried it on almost everyday, trying to do the catwalk like Naomi Campbell, wobbling and nearly stumbling, but hey, I'm a Super Woman, I can do this. I was so wrong and I realized it the hard way.

1. Red flags are not mere decoration. Red flags are always red so that it could be glaring and to recognize dangers early. Neglecting them could be disastrous. I knew that I may get hurt, yet, I went ahead and bought them. My gut was screaming no. It was so beautiful, how could I ever resist such beauty. There are far more important things than personality and appearance, character matters a lot. An alluring packaging won't guarantee that the contents will be superb.
2. Being impulsive is not always a good trait. There are times when it's necessary to act on impulse, like to avoid hitting a pedestrian while driving, there's no need to put on the thinking cap about this. Our choices and decisions shouldn't be influenced by the way we feel, feelings should never replace thinking. I could have thought about buying the shoes for a split second, but I felt that it was the best thing I could ever had because the feeling was so intense.

3. Some sacrifices are suicide in its purest form. The sacrificing party gives and gives till depleted and starts resenting. We tend to over-sacrifice believing that it will fix everything. After giving all and it goes down the drain or is not acknowledged, moving on may seem difficult. We have invested so much in this person than to just walk away. Purchasing them left me high and dry and what did I get in return? Regrets, pain and an almost broken leg. Sacrificing too much is so expensive.

4. Our choices are always open. Sticking with someone or not is always a choice. The fear of uncertainty drives most people to stay in uncomfortable situations. We ask ourselves, what if it doesn't get better than this, ever? Dignity is when you wait for what you deserve rather than settling for what's available. The pair were not comfortable to walk in from day one, I could have given it to someone else, sold it on OLX or even decided not to wear it. Our choices will either make or break us at the end of the day.  

5. Impressing others is energy sapping. Going to extreme lengths to impress or please others will often make us to be miserable. There is no need to prove anything to anyone. A great number of us are guilty of this, it's purely human nature. I wanted to create an illusion of a taller me, meanwhile, the extra height was brief. Who was I deceiving? I was the one wearing the shoes and feeling the pain. There are so many things needing our attention and energy, let's focus on them.    

Ending up with a broken heel, ankle or leg isn't worth it and worse still, the pain won't just go away, I eventually gave it out. As far as I am concerned, heels are for the "chosen ones". I have accepted the bitter truth, never will I be intimidated. 

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