A Rookie's Guide to Handling Criticism

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 , 3 Comments


A bitter cutting remark can evoke certain negative emotions. As much as we detest being critized, it is inevitable. The way we respond to it is very crucial, our responses can be learned and unlearned. Most criticism are destructive, even though the critic may mean no harm.

If we receive destructive criticism, what then should be our reaction? Shut down completely while giving the critic the cold treatment? Appear indifferent but boiling inwardly? Filled with resentment and laughing it off at the same time? Or the common one, attacking the critic with a deadlier reply so as to be even?

You don't have to be even. Using any of the above approaches is really exhausting, it consumes useful energy rapidly. Always remember this, "never take it personal". As long as there is freedom of speech, people are entitled to say anything, it's just that their opinion doesn't define who you are, you define yourself.

Don't hold anything against the critic, dismiss any traces of bitterness because you will be the one hurting at the end of the day, bitterness clogs the channels of wonderful things. He is human afterall. At times, there are bits of truth and lies therein, sift it and take what is useful. Disregard the ugly part like a horrible piece of rag. Let it go.

Bola Adekile

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  1. Everyday, I'm always dealing with customer's criticisms at work. Seriously, it ain't easy handling it all while keeping your cool.

    1. Ah! It seems we're in the same boat.

  2. As a matter of fact, it isn't easy. Keeping your cool require a great deal of patience.