Waiting and Undaunted: 5 Pillars Singles Should Live by During the Waiting Season

 The single season should be a beautiful and happy one. It's pointless to put your life on hold because you've resolved never to settle for less than you deserve.

waiting and undaunted

Waiting and Undaunted is the blueprint you need to navigate the waiting season gracefully during this holiday and beyond.

In this free guide, I shared 5 pillars to live by, which will help make the journey exciting and pressure-free.

Filled with short and relatable stories, you'll discover what to do instead of wallowing in self-pity or blaming your village people.

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Mindset Revamp: Seven Simple Steps For Crushing The Seeming Giants Of Limiting Mindsets


mindset revamp cover

Mindset Revamp is finally out!

Most of the issues we're facing are a result of limiting mindsets. High-stress levels, feeling stuck or overwhelmed, unhealthy relationships, missed goals, and lack of willpower are some common examples.

Sadly, they became full-blown during the pandemic as many people fell into depression and other mental health issues. It can be difficult to live a fulfilling and stress-free life in that state.

Our beliefs act as filters through which we see ourselves and the world. It's imperative to replace negative thought patterns with empowering ones. We've experienced a shift already, and it's not just the wealth shift. It's already seeping into different areas of our lives.

Living an enriching and vibrant life starts with the right mindset. Mindset Revamp is the guide you need to help you adjust seamlessly in this post-pandemic era and overcome the limiting beliefs that often keep us stuck in different facets of our lives.

This ebook offers simple and practical steps for gaining clarity, unlocking endless possibilities, and moving past overwhelm in this fast-paced world.

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Why True Healing is the Basis of Healthy Relationships

It takes two whole people to make a healthy relationship work.

The keyword is healthy, not perfect. 

The number one prerequisite of a healthy relationship is two whole people.

True healing goes beyond getting over your past relationships or forgiving an ex who hurt you. 

Sadly, many people are still battling with unresolved childhood trauma, psychological issues, low self-esteem, and toxic traits, which usually contribute to soul wounds.

These are the major reasons why an unhealthy pattern will keep repeating itself. 

Ignoring the underlying issues and trying to fill the void with different relationships or activities is self-sabotaging.

Without proper healing, an individual can continue to attract broken people. More so, it may be difficult to spot red flags and potential partners who are emotionally and mentally healthy. 

The journey to healing can be a lonely and daunting one, but it's always worth the effort.

If you're ready to start that journey, then you need to embrace a growth mindset and ditch the negative self-talk.

You can't rush the process. Remember, you didn't arrive here in a day.

Defining Your Routine Style

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

It’s essential to develop a consistent morning routine for a healthy mindset. Successful people often have a routine they stick to and this helps them to reach both short and long-term goals.

Our habits define our lifestyles. How you start your mornings can either make or break your day. For instance, if you start your day with negative self-talk instead of positive affirmations, there’s a higher chance of having a really bad day.

You don’t have to go through your day stressed or depressed.

You have a choice.

Having a healthy and happy start will leave a positive mark on our day and the time you wake up doesn’t matter.

It’s imperative to design structures if we want to improve any aspect of our lives. The best routines are not set in stone. There is no need to overwhelm ourselves with a complicated routine.

Here are some simple tips that will help you design your routine.

I’ll encourage you to start with these and be consistent before adding more.

· Create a to-do list in advance

Whether or not you will have a good day starts from the night before. Try to create a list of your goals or tasks at night. Create a simple list. 

Focus on happy thoughts no matter how bad your day went as you drift to sleep.

Leverage the power of visualization. Start picturing yourself achieving your goals and tasks for the next day. You’ll wake up refreshed and inspired for the next day.

· Breathe deeply

Once you wake up, breathe deeply for at least a minute before doing anything else. It’s ideal to take this step before reaching for your smartphone. Enjoy the silence and stillness.

· Practice gratitude

Find at least three things to be grateful for and state why you’re grateful for each. Your list can comprise what has happened, the things that are currently happening, and those blessings that you’re expecting.

· Journal

Do a brain dump in your journal. Write the words as they flow. This will give you clarity. Now, you’re ready to start your day.

I’ll encourage you to start with these first and be consistent before adding any other routine. With time, you’ll be more productive, happier, and have enough energy for each day.